Sidewinder/ Viper: High Definition (HD)


The richest viewing experience possible!

WTI's HD Sidewinder/ Viper series allows your viewers to see high resolution broadcast video with a notably sharper, crisper and clearer picture, regardless of what type of television (HD or standard) they watch.


Features Include:

  • High definition 1080i/720p.
  • 16:9 widescreen format.
  • 0.05° preset repeatability accuracy.
  • Continuous 360° pan and tilt rotation.
  •  30X optical zoom lens.
  • Hydrophilic "self cleaning" glass window.
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR).
  • Automatic DeFog modes.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization mode.
  • Optional camera enclosure pressurization.
  • ENG Option: Locks pan/tilt motion during vehicle travel.
  • OPTIONAL: H.265/H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG video encoding.
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Spec Sheets