WTI Company Information


Company Overview

WTI (Wireless Technology, Inc.) has over a 35 year history of providing innovative solutions, exceptional customer service and is respected worldwide as a Video Surveillance Systems innovator and quality manufacturer. The company’s products are installed in numerous locations worldwide.

WTI is a privately held company located in Ventura, California. The company was originally founded in May of 1984 in Culver City, California and relocated to its current location in November 1990. WTI is American owned, and all of company’s manufacturing facilities are located in the United States of America.

WTI provides outstanding customer support and satisfaction; and has become an industry leader by vertically integrating product design, engineering, and marketing under one roof.

Crime in the 21st Century will be widespread, and all-encompassing, ranging from employee theft, burglary and robbery, to sophisticated white collar computer fraud and information theft. Most frightening however, will be increased acts of terrorism.

It is critically important that balanced and comprehensive systems be in place to enhance the safety and security of the environment we live in. Would you trust the safety of your community, business, employees or customers to anything less than WTI?

“When Failure is Not An Option WTI is the Intelligent Solution.”