RCU - Rack Mount Control


WTI's RCU Rack-Mount Control Unit is designed to provide practical and convenient on-site camera control for all traffic systems. While designed specifically for use with WTI's Sidewinder Series cameras, this product offers system protocols from most major CCTV camera manufacturers and will seamlessly integrate into any existing system. The RCU is cost-effective and extremely reliable in the harsh operating environments of roadside traffic installations.


Features Include:

  • Single multi-pin AMP connector.
  • Supports RS-232 and RS-422 communications formats allow additional camera control and programming.
  • Supports multiple communications protocols from most major CCTV manufacturers control systems.
  • Cost-effective and extremely rugged in harsh environments.
  • Thin 1.75" x 19" rack mount chassis conserves space.

NOTE: There are two versions of the RCU to choose from - the RCU Standard (pictured above) and the RCU-J joystick version (pictured below).

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Spec Sheets

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